Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night

Hey everyone, hope you have all had a great week. I haven't got any pictures to put up tonight, my camera batteries died. Thats to bad cause I could have had some fun. My daughter created a witch crashing into one of the posts on my front porch for a Halloween decorations. It's really cute, hopefully I will get a picture of that before the weather ruins it.
Tonight, well I am still laughing. We needed a snack and my daughter decided to bake. I do not have an electric mixer and manage just fine without it. Well she did not want to stir batter by hand. Let me back up a minute, earlier, she had said to me, mom, I have an idea and it doesn't involve power tools. ( My daughter is always coming up with a project for around the house and has her own set of tools) I want to bake.
Any way she found some recipes that we had all the ingrediants for and started making apple muffins. All of the sudden I hear something electric going in the kitchen so I have to go downstairs to investigate. I kid you not, she hooked a kitchen whisk to her power drill and was mixing muffin batter. I laughed so hard, I would have given my right arm to get that picture and there isn't a usable battery in the house.

On to other things, I am pretty tired tonight, my work schedule has been flipping all over the place because we had someone quit and walk out this week so my boss is trying to cover that gape in the schedule. I have to admit I find it really difficult to always having my schedule flip from dayshift one day to night shift the next then back to days. I can't get into any kind of routine because of the daily schedule changes so it kind of interferes with everything else I am trying to do. My butterfly bag is at a standstill until I can buy the beads I need for my fringing but I am almost done with a red lip balm bag, maybe tomorrow night I will finish it. Have an idea in my head for a choker I am going to try to use one of the black clay roses I made a while back. I am hoping as soon as Halloween is over I can start posting new items especially in my Etsy shop at least every other day, I would love to see some sales start soon.
I think that's about it, I really need to get to bed but wanted to post here before I get into the weekend schedule. Maybe I will make enough tips tomorrow to get batteries. In the mean time have a great weekend!


  1. LOL The whisk drill!! LOL

    I love it!

  2. That's awesome! She's so creative...just like MacGeyver (is that how you spell his name?)