Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I know it is the first day of fall but I am in love with the color of these seedbeads. I know I have spent to much time in blogger today but I am feeling like super woman and wanted to brag. My day's off from work are broken up, I work 2 or 3 days then have a day off then work another 2 or 3 and get my second day off so I try to fit a whole bunch of stuff in on that one day that I just don't feel like doing on a work day. I have to shamefully admit. I love my job but it is physically doing a number on me. When I woke up today, not only had I slept half the day away, my legs and feet were in some serious pain. My extra strenght tylenol did not touch it. Any way, after a few coffees and my different regular meds then another coffee and my tylenol I got busy. I delivered some new avon books, I went to the market, I washed several loads of dishes that got left for me. I cleaned and rearranged my studio/office/bedroom and then I finished this bag , got some pictures and got it posted in my Zibbet shop. Now it is almost midnight, need to get to bed but wanted to share. I know alot of my bags look very closely alike. The difference is the colors. I love trying different colors and stone combinations all the time. Tomorrow going to work on a few more keyrings for my custom order. Hope you all are having a great week and I am going to leave you alone for a day or two now.

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