Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Ties

Hi everyone, it is late Sunday night and I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I was sitting here thinking about my family, which I often do. I guess because my grandkids just got done fighting. Made me think about how bad my own kids used to fight, which made me think about how me, my sister and my brothers used to fight. Why is it we can't realize how important we are to each other until we are all grown up? This picture is my brother Scott. I miss him so very much. He moved to California when he joined the Marines 30 years ago and made his home there. I have a brother that lives locally here but I don't get to see him much but we are able to keep in touch. My sister, well I think I have told you my sister and her husband are currently living in the UAE or as she calls it the land of sand. She moves alot too because her husband just recently retired from the military. Any way back to Scott, he does try to come home for a visit once a year although it did not happen this summer. Any way the week he spends here is just not enough time to catch up with everyone so it is a really fleeting visit. We just recently had a bit of banter on face book after I looked at some pictures he posted, he is very into Cheetah car racing and such. Any way, I know him as a very strict, religous , father , husband such. I really don't know the fun loving side of him because hey he has been gone 30 years. He commented that it made him sad that we don't know him that well because of his absence. But you know, that is life, we all make choices, I personally give him credit for deciding to stay where he was happy but I miss him all the same. Course I miss my other brother who lives right here because I don't get to see him either. He is super busy with life.
I guess I am wandering away from the point of the post. That point is that I so love my family and miss spending time with all of them. I just wish we could have all foreseen that as teenagers trying to do each other bodily harm :)

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