Thursday, September 17, 2009

1st Attempts

well I have been researching and thinking and surfing to come up with ideas to create a line of jewelry for my daughter for the tattoo shop. I needed to get an idea of what the difference was between my jewelry and "Gothic" yet, it needed to be my own. This is my first idea. Now mind you this one is junk, a prototype just to get my idea into something physical to look at and work from there to make it right. I used really junky seedbeads and thread. The polymer clay cab was a reject. The perfect supplies to play with. I can look at it now and see what to change and do when I have the proper beads but I made this, put it onto my grandaughter to see what it truly looked like. She is very into this gothic stuff and loved it. Wants this necklace. Good, wasn
't a waste of supplies even if they were junk. I wanted to tell you to, I used a peice of ribbon, threaded it through the loops of the necklace and left the peices long , just tied a knot on each end so there is no fraying. By doing this in one way or another on the necklaces, any necklace can fit many different neck sizes without having to have 6 of one item in 6 different sizes. Yeah!
So this one is a go, when I am using better supplies the end product will look much better,
Now I have a second style I am working on. Will post it for you when it is finished. One more prototype on the way.!

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