Sunday, September 27, 2009


This weekend I lucked out and had Friday and Saturday off from work. My daughter who is in a strange mood was home and we spent Friday night playing with my craft supplies. When my kids were growing up probably from the time they could sit in the highchair and not eat what I gave them to play with, I taught them to craft. It has always been a family affair and I have done the same with my grandchildren. But the times when my daughter and I sit down and play together are very few and far between now. Any way, we pulled out the wood scraps, the polymer clay, the acrylic paints, the glitter paints, all the fun stuff. While she got to work on making decorations for her son's room, my thought s turned to what I could make to go with the gothic jewelry line that I am struggling with. These black roses are what I came up with. They baked up very nicely without losing their shape, I shaded just the edges with a bit of silver glitter paint. Now I just need to give them a seal coat to shine them up and figure out how to incorporate them into a necklace.


  1. I love them! I am following!

  2. They might not look bad glued on to a bobby pin blank and turned into a hairpin, either.


  3. Thank you Jennette, and Pussdaddy , what a great idea! They would have to be small though, these are fairly big so would be to heavy.