Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rainy Days

I woke up this morning to a gloomy , rainy day and I don't mind. The last few days have been great, sunny, not to hot, which means I want to be outdoors whether trying to help with yard work or just sitting on the porch watching the kids play, a gloomy day makes me want to get into my studio and stay there. I have been working on 2 major beadwork peices this week. Also have some exciting news. I along with a group of other Etsy artists are doing a 2 week giveaway on this blog:
I am giving away my Magic, amulet bag, entries are from June 4th through June 11th so make sure and bookmark. A different Etsy shop will sponsor a giveaway every day for 2 weeks. And I also want to tell you that this blog itself is delightful! I am so glad she posted this offer because I am finding I really enjoy reading all the different blogs. I was going to take a picture of a necklace that I have in progress right now but I am having alot of trouble with my camera. It is killing batteries way to quickly all the sudden. I got new Lithium's this weekend and this morning it is telling me they are dead. GRRRRR.

Now before I end this today I have a question and would love your input. I have been working so hard at my Etsy shop to start getting more regular sales that I have been doing alot of work that I don't really enjoy. Simple strung bracelets and necklaces, bookmarks, inexpensive stuff that works up quickly just to keep my presence out there and entice some sales. You already know I prefer to do work that is intricate, different sometimes a bit off the beaten path. These things take alot of time and money. Here is my question, if you would take a look at my shop, should I continue to keep the inexpensive peices flowing just so I can list something new everyday, or just do what I like and count on the right buyers discovering me sooner or later? Your imput (and be honest) will help me make some decisions. Going to end this for now, soon as I can afford some MORE batteries, I will post the work I am creating now. Hope all have a great day even if it is raining where you are.

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