Saturday, May 16, 2009


It's a gloomy overcast saturday but the house is quite with only myself and Tori home. I decided it was a really good day to clean up my studio then sit down to start a new beadwork project. While I am doing my clean up work I am brainstorming, I love doing my amulet bags and cuffs but I need some fresh looks, need some design ideas, recently completed a bag with an appliqued flower on it and I really loved it, would like to do a bunch with different applique designs, dealing with the size it could be a bit tough but if any one has an idea suggestions, through them at me, I open and always happy when someone comes up with something fresh I haven't thought of. One thought I had which I am going to do some research on is some type of celtic motif. I think that would be awesome. Any thoughts for a gloomy possibly rainy Saturday?

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