Thursday, May 28, 2009

My wandering mind

My fingers and my mind have been wandering in unison. I have never been anywhere and the one place I truly want to see , well there are several but at the top of my list is Hawaii. I sit here today in my studio listening to the rain hitting the roof and picturing what it would be like to be underwater in Hawaii. Yes I know all the pictures we see show a beautiful blue water but what about underneath? I can picture the bottom, the seaweed and other plants in shades of green, on the bottom I see wonderfully colored stones, I see broken oyster shells with that beautiful mother of pearl finish. Of course something down there is going to sparkle. We must always have sparkle. So as I am seeing it, it evolves with my celery green seedbead necklace, I added a large stone donut with this slight marbling of green and white, I need to add some branch fringing for that waving seaweed. But the bottom of the ocean is not empty so we need to add green gemstone chips, a little yellow just to brighten it up. We need the mother of pearl so we add the mother of pearl gemstone chips. Not quite enough , we need the sparkle. some lustred glass teardrops in the fringe. Some green crystals in the body of the necklace and these crystals are so special to me. My grandmother was a jeweler. When she passed on I got all her supplies and I have spent many years sewing a bit of my heart into my work with them. Any way this is what I did over the last few rainy day's.

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