Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feeling special and I can't share it!

Checking through my emails and comments and all that sort of stuff today. I found that Beth of sent me a blog award. That made me feel very good since this blog is so new and still have to learn how to be able to import and show you things like Etsy buys, badges, widgets etc. So my horrible computer illiteracy hit bigtime when I could not get it over on to this page so I could share it and pass it on. I cut and paste and copy and paste and tear out my hair, and yeah. I have a lot to learn. Any way, thank you Beth, that really made me feel good that you did that and sooner or later I will figure out how to do all these neat little things.


  1. feeling your frustration....stick with it :)

  2. There is an incredible learning curve to blogs and etsy, etc. But you have accomplished alot. Here is a how to I put together to document how to add the etsy shop to your blog. Perhaps it would be useful to you. When people share knowledge the tasks become easier.