Sunday, May 17, 2009

A quiet Sunday

Hope everyone has enjoyed one. The sun came out this morning first time in a few day's so my first thought this morning was to be outdoors doing what yard clean up I was able, but it was cold out, sun or no sun it was cold and windy but I was still motivated to get some chores done. So I did my house hold chores then came up to my studio and spent the whole afternoon getting avon books ready to hit the street. Filling out books and picking out samples can be very time consuming but I am getting ready for a major campaign for customers so I wanted them really full. Now everyone is home and ready to settle down for another week. My studio is really the attic of my house. Half is finished which is where I do my paperwork, beadwork, sleep , the other half is unfinished and a mess, I really want to clean it out , my daughter and I are doing a major clean out if we don't want it, don't use it, don't need it, it's going. Problem is you have to step up into the unfinished part of the attic, when you get up there you can not stand up straight because it is right under the roof, the pain in my knees and back won't let me do this well, so that did not get done. One thing I have not done today is any beadwork. I am now itching to sit down and work. I have stuff done that I want to post but my camera batteries died and at this moment can't go buy more. I have a set of rechargables but my daughter can't remember what she did with the charger so this particular project will wait a few days. I did have a small sale in my Etsy shop today, matter of fact it was very first oversea's order. The lady is in the UK so my visit to the post office tomorrow will be a learning experiance. That's about all for my Sunday.

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  1. Woo hoo on an overseas sale! I sold a beaded headband to someone in the UK for her wedding and I did a little happy dance when I got that sale. Good job!