Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family Outing

I don't have any pictures to share today, just wanted to tell you about my evening yesterday. My sister and her husband live in Dubai, UAE, he has been service for many years and after retiring this past year he took a job with Lockhead Martin overseas. My sister came home about a month ago due to a family death and yesterday my brother in law came home to visit for her birthday. It is also my sister in laws birthday week so , when my spread out family is home we have a party. Brother opened his yard and we all went for a celebration. I had so much fun, my cousin and her husband came up from Albany, some of my brother and sil s friend came (all used to be in band with my brother) of course, my mom and dad came, count on mom for the brownies and cupcakes, I brought fruit salad, as I always say, I always get to do that and I don't know if it is because they like the way I cut up the fruit or are they afraid of my cooking? Mom made her famous pasta salad. My brother had a brainstorm, he did not want to spend his day running the grill and not being able to participate in the fun so....He ordered big plates full of subs from Subway. Different but it worked out really well. Any way, of course when we have this family event, there is always drinking involved. I hate to say it but my family is a bunch of really fun drunks. No bad attitudes, no sulking, no wanting to fight, they always get really silly and a bunch of born comedians so it was a ball. I brought my granddaughter with me, she just turned 13 and she was amazed at how much fun, watching my sister, brother, cousin doing a dance around the firepit to keep the rain away, singing and silliness. She just had a ball and happy she came with me. Sadly, my other brother can't make it home until July so he missed out but July will mean another party! Now my sis and her husband have to go sell their house in S. Carolina before going back to Dubai because at the end of the year, he will be transferring again, don't know yet if they will end up in Italy or Texas, but many more years of traveling. I will miss them so Cherish these very few moments we have to be a family in one spot. Any way, just wanted to share this, sick as I felt yesterday, it was wonderful for me and can't wait til the next time!

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