Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday peek in

Just popped in to read up on the blogs I follow. One of my favorite pastimes and since I am here I decided to ramble a minute. I am now a bit older , on Sunday I turned 54. OMG! I am just this side of being a legal senior citizen! I posted this lip balm bag in my Etsy shop tonight. On my birthday I worked a double shift and really sent my kids plans into a tail spin. They tried to surprise me with a cake and were walking in the door as I was walking out to go do my 2nd shift. Oh well, that will teach them to surprise me, we had the cake Monday night.

I also wanted to give a very public than you to an Etsy supply seller. I have been working on this large custom order of beaded lanyards. I sent out the first bunch to my customer. She loved them but had to send them back to me because the magnetic clasps were not strong enough and this is an area that I have never worked in and did not know better. Any way she was really good about it and I went on a hunt for better clasps. I was flabbergasted at the prices I was finding and just didn't know what to do so I pleaded for help in the forums and someone gave me a list. I found one that I sent a convo too asking for guidance. She had just what I needed and convoed me back right away, went out of her way to do a reserved listing for exactly what I needed and the amount I needed. I bought the listing and had my magnetic clasps in 4 days so I could redo the lanyards. She really bent over backwards for me and I am very appreciative. So when your searching for supplies be sure to check out her shop to see if she has what you need:


  1. It's always very cool to hear that someone jumped in and helped you out with what you needed. For all of the griping you sometimes hear out on the Forums, I have to say, I've found some super supportive people on Etsy...many who I now call friend. In a pinch, they're always there to help a girl out!

    Oh and happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy belated Birthday!!! You're ahead of me on years, but I'll be one behind you this month :-)

    I love your bag! It was great that you found an etsy shop that was able to help you out and ship fast! That's the "community" in etsy.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thursday and that you'll stop by my blog and enter my newest giveaway!

  3. Hey,
    This is Diana from MySuppliesSource on Etsy. I just did a search for my shop name on as mentioned in the Etsy forums, and imagine my surprise to see your blog pop up. I am blown away that you thought enough about our exchange to blog about it! Thank you so much for writing about me & my shop. I just try to take care of everyone, and I don't think much about it- that's just how I am. (I guess it's the "Mom" in me- LOL!) So, to see how much it meant to someone is really awesome! It is really sweet of you to write about it. Thank you again! <3