Monday, February 15, 2010

Pink Ice

I've had this amulet bag sitting around half done for a while. I just did not like anything I had for my accent beads. So it has sat on my desk and sat and sat. I came up with an idea how to sell a long necklace with the ability to make it shorter. I made a tiny ring of beads with a clasp that fits right through the loops of the neckchain. Perfect! That elimates a job I find I often do. Some one loves the necklace but it is to long or to short. So by making the necklace longer and making the little loop it becomes adjustable so I am not tearing them apart to resize the neck. Yeah!
Any way back to the bag sitting on my desk. I decided a long time ago when I had a bit of money to spend on supplies I was going to try as often as possible to find people on Etsy. I found another sweet supply seller on the forums and when I sold the custom order for the lanyards I decided some of that money had to go to supplies. The heck with the light bill!
Any way, I put in a small order to this seller one of the items being clear quartz chips. I knew by the picture they were a bit larger than what I normally work with but when I received them I just thought wow! these are really big "chips". Then it came to me. The bright pink seedbeads in this bag was the problem that I was having matching an accent bead to the bag. Problem solved. These BIG quartz chips were perfect. Big , Bright and Bold! I am a happy camper.
So I have not yet figured out how to link to different Etsy shops here when I find something I like so all I can do is share the persons etsy address. Here it is, please check her out:)

Thanks for being here!

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