Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's finally Finished

I have finally finished this custom order and boy am I glad. You would never believe how hard it is to make 30 of the same item, the same size, basically the same style and pick a different color or bead type for each one.
This was truly a big learning experiance for me. I am glad that I did accept it, I am very glad it is finished and heading for the post office first thing tomorrow. Now cross your fingers she is happy with it. Yes I know you only see 28 here, I am giving her 2 as a thank you gift and don't want to spoil it ;)


  1. Boy that is a lot. They all look wonderful though.


  2. Looks like you've been hard at work! They look brilliant though and I'm sure she'll be delighted with them

  3. Beautiful! I did some bridal jewelry last fall, and it was tricky too.