Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Present for myself

I was so excited when my postman came today and there was this large envelope for me. I just knew it was this beautiful butterfly. I have been in love with DZFantasy's Etsy shop forever. She makes the most fascinating fairy's, mermaids, butterflies and necklaces. I have been trying to spare some money to buy myself a birthday present since 1 year ago January. Just could not pull it off last year but this year I made up my mind that I deserved it! Went to her shop intent on buying a fairy to decorate my room with but had to look through all her new listings and spotted this! I am doing a little redecorating soon and I just knew she would be perfect in a certain spot in my living room so this is what I gave myself for my birthday. I will go back for a fairy when I can, one step at a time, I very , very seldom buy myself something just because I want it. If I spend money on anything besides bills it is for supplies so I can keep working. If you haven't seen Donna's work before you really need to just take a visit to her shop.....

Donna also has the best blog! It is alway's full of great colors, pictures of her new work and she features many, many wonderful shops not to mention is alway's having a great giveaway. If your not familiar with her blog check it out....

That's all I have , just needed to share my joy over this little gift!


  1. That is beautiful!

  2. Debbie,

    I'm happy you are enjoying your new butterfly! Thanks for such a nice "write up" about it and the links!