Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to catch up!

I just realized I haven't posted since New Years Eve. I for some reason have been super busy!
Not exactly sure doing what but the day's have been flying. I have only had a few day's work at the cafe but I have been working at my Etsy shop, trying to spend alot of time beading. Just sold the bag above on Ebay and I had the best surprise last weekend! All of the sudden out of the blue I sold 6 amulet bags in my Etsy shop. Wow, that one really knocked me for a loop. Would be great if that little good luck streak would last.
I now have my Ebay link listed on my website page. Also got together with my daughter on some things, I have been teaching her how to make my sequin ornaments, I have wanted for a while to seperate them from the Jewelry on my Etsy shop but did not know if I had the energy to start a second shop. So now the only thing in debsparkles etsy shop is beadweaving. We have opened a second shop in my daughters name, me! I opened the account and set everything up. I named her heathersparkles since she is the off spring of me.
I find it very amusing but I am sure she won't, haven't told her yet. Now all the old fashioned sequined ornaments will be found:

I just started everything last night so we have alot of work to do but it will all get settled into place quickly.
I am still working on my idea of offering sample sales here, that 's coming together too.

As you can see, I have truly kept myself busy in the first week of the new year. Off to post a new ornament in the shop and do some reading to try to figure out how to make her a banner. My brother did mine so I am clueless!

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