Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday night thoughts

Happy Saturday night all! Just some thoughts going through my head and decided to post them here . I just loooove this picture. My granddaughter has formed a habit, when I am at work she sneaks up to my studio and changes my screen saver on a regular basis. When I come home and turn on the computer I never know what is going to pop up and usually it gives me a good laugh. I asked her to leave this one a while. We are a family of animal lovers, all kinds of animals and alway's have cats and dogs and mice and so on and so on. But this little guy has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen!
My week has ended well, I have actually worked at the Cafe the last three day's in a row and am working tomorrow. First week I will have more than 2 day's pay since a week before Christmas. Yeah! My custom order customer bought the two groups of lanyards I finished today, I had a small ebay sale today. Small groups of happiness all together. Tonight I posted another ornament in Heather's shop just to grow it a bit at a time. Excited too about some new original designs coming up for all the Holiday's in 2010. Getting my daughter into this makes me happy.
Something is really funky in Etsy tonight. Sloooooooow as all get out, it took me almost 20 minutes to get through the listing process on Heathers ornament, then I listed in my shop and that took another 20, things that are usually a 5 minute process.
Any way I listed a beaded bookmark back into my shop tonight, I decided I want to keep them in because I really do like them and don't mind making them so here we go again:)
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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