Thursday, January 21, 2010

13 down 12 to go!

I finally got another group of lanyards posted on Etsy for my custom order. Need 12 more than I have finished.
While doing these I have noticed something about myself. I don't like doing custom orders. Hmmmm. When I am creating something because I agreed to do it for some one, it all the sudden is not fun. It has become work. Does that make sense? Especially when it comes to my beadwork which I have never ever considered "work". Or maybe because I am trying to make 25 variations of the same thing. Do you know how hard it is to come up with 25 different colors of the same necklace? This requires some thought on my custom order policies. I hate to turn done any opportunity to get my work out to someone but I must must must enjoy what I am doing. Something to ponder later!
On a happier note I have to tell you a story that still has me grinning. A few years ago my daughter gave me a silver cladaugh ring set with a heart shaped garnet (my birthstone).
It is not costume jewelry, while it is not hughely expensive it was over $125.00. To me that's a lot of money to spend on a ring that I wear regularly. Any way, a few months ago, she asked if she could borrow the ring because it was just the right thing for an occasion she was attending.
The ring never came back to me and I kept forgetting to ask where it was because working in food now I don't wear any jewelry to work.
2 weeks ago my daughter had parent/teacher conference for my 7 year old grandson. During the conference the teacher asked my daughter about the ring that my grandson gave the little girl he fell in love with in kindergarten. Apparently the little girl was very proud of it and showed the teacher. Teacher described the ring to my daughter because she said she could tell it did not come out of bubble gum machine. From the description the teacher gave her my daughter could tell it was my ring. So the teacher tactfully asked for the little girl to give it back until Josh has his mommy look at it. Teacher gave it to Josh to bring home and he promptly gave it back to his girlfriend informing the teacher that mom said it was fine. So a week later the teacher got it again, put it in an envelope and stapled it into a comunication notebook that goes back and forth to school. When my daughter brought me my ring and told me the story I couldn't help but laugh not only thinking how cute that my 7 year old munchkin already wanted to give his girl a ring but Boy oh Boy does the kid have good taste in jewelry for his girl!
Just had to share because I got such a kick out of this, course it might have hit me differently if I found out what happened but didn't get my ring back. Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Wow, that is a challenge to come up with so many variations on the same themed item!

    I love your ring story :) That little man sure wanted his little love to have that ring, didn't he?? I'm glad you got it back in the end!!!

  2. Thank you Aly just so everyone know's after a little chat about helping yourself from mom's jewelry box, my daughter decided that his big heart needed to be rewarded so she is taking him shopping to buy his love her very own ring for Valentine's day!