Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yes I am! I worked all day today and when I came home my house was still empty and quiet except for the dogs. So after some coffee I put in a DVD and settled down to finish this bag. It is dark out but even during the day I can't seem to get much sunlight so tried to get some lighting in the kitchen good enough to get some clear pictures. Not the best but not bad. This silly bag is very busy. I appliqued a bead embroidered fish to the front of the bag and then set about decorating. Needed bubbles so used some fire polished glass all around the fish, a really pretty light , light lilac that just won't show up in the pic. A handful of different colored gemstone chips underneath the fish and I used some amethyst chips on the fishes fin and tail. After all this I still felt like it needed more! So I had a good amount of the amethyst chips and found these glass pearl tablets that I have had for a quite a while and couldn't really work them into any project and with the two items I went to town. I accented my fringing, My neckchain , I even added a couple fringes down each side of the bag right under where the neckchain starts on each side. I love it when I am just having fun. Even if no one else likes what comes out of it , it allows me to let the creative , artistic side of me just take control for a while.
Hope you all have had a great Sunday.


  1. This bag is awesome! I love it!

  2. I think it turned out very nicely! I love just being able to sit back and sort of let the thing create itself :)