Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time fly's

I am not neglecting this blog on purpose, I have been using my time to work, make items, make changes in my shops, make some decisions on how to get my life under control. Alot of things to get under control. I was contacted by an Etsy buyer about a custom order of beaded lanyards. These are some samples I made up for her to look at. I have also taken alot of little odds and ends out of my shop, once again trying to be more concentrated on what I do best. I wish I could make a decision about something then stick to it but I do seem to go back and forth. I do think the decision to have Heather take over the ornaments with her own shop was a really good decision, they just don't blend well and while I haven't been able to devote as much time to helping her build her shop, we shall get it done.
Also in the middle of a huge decision on my Cable/internet/phone.
I have been turned off for almost a month again now. I am able to get online because my neighbors (friends who gave me permission) have wireless and I am close enough to use their signal. Any way , when I can get on top of the bills again, I need the cable. Only way I am going to have decent tv and one thing I have learned about myself is I need tv. I have watched so many borrowed dvd's that the player is ready to blow up. I need the internet. Without it I cannot keep my shops online and work from my studio. I am determined that someday my online presence will begin to earn me a paycheck. Now the question I need the phone?
We have cell phones. Me personally , I don't use the phone very often at all. I need it in case work needs to get ahold of me or me them. My mom needs to call. I am beginning to think the cell phone is enough. My daughter and grandaughter text all the time, they have their own that they can text constantly for almost no money. So if I decide to cut the phone that comes in the online package, I right away save myself almost $45.00 a month. That is a start. If I can find a way to cut a lot of little corners, I could find little by little I can pull out of this money mess.
I am tired just thinking about all this stuff but it is a great way to start the new year so we have a better year than last. So I will continue to think and smile and keep thinking and beading, see you all next time around. Happy day to you.

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  1. Lots of people don't have landlines anymore. I do because I have to use it for work but it is very basic, no longdistance, no extras at all. I'm with you on the TV though. We went without satellite for a month & it killed me. I don't watch regular TV, just the cable channels. You will figure it out; I have complete confidence in you.