Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feeling a bit bad.

Today I wanted to follow a blog that I fell in love with. I have very honestly said I follow alot of blogs. I enjoy spending hours reading what everyone has to say. To my surprise I got a message that said I was at my limit of blogs I could follow. For real? I guess it should not surprise me, I don't keep track, I just sign in and read whatever catches my eye of new post's on the reading list. I spent a bit of time thinking about what I could do because as I said, I really, really like the blog I just discovered. Then I decided I could weed out some that are really not about what interests me. But how do I do that. Of course I follow alot of beading blogs because there in lies my passion, But the others I follow , I do because they have posted something I enjoyed reading or I have had some type of communication with them, oh a multitude of excuses. Then I thought maybe there was a way I could see if any blogs I follow are no longer active but not closed accounts. Well I found no easy way so started just going through my list, clicking on them one at a time and I did find there are many, many blogs that the owner has not posted in in months. There is my answer! It will be very time consuming but I am going through the whole list and any one that hasn't posted for months I will unfollow. Great thinking, I will free up space and be more selective in the future. What I didn't count on is how bad I would feel every time I clicked the unfollow button. Will they notice? Do they stop in to check?
Can they see that debsparkles left? LOL, yeah, that's pretty sad but I felt terrible and guilty for doing this like I was actually going to hurt someone's feelings. Whats really sad , I have only made it through a few alphabets in my list. Ouch!


  1. I did that in the spring, and was surprised that about 30% of the blogs I followed had died. I didn't know there was a follow limit!

  2. I can't beleive either, so far I have deleted about 110 blogs that are no longer active and I am only up to the K's!