Sunday, August 22, 2010

That's what I call Housecleaning!

I have lived in my house for 10 years. During this time my grown kids have kind of taken turns moving in and out depending on their life circumstances. The result of this is my little blue cottage has been bursting at the seams for most of this 10 years. Broken furniture, worn out or grown out clothes. Broken toy's , abandoned collections. You name it , you could find it in my cellar or my attic, or my backroom or my back yard. Overflowing bedrooms. Yeah you get the idea. Last month my daughter, who has been back home since 2008 told me she and my grandson had found a place and were moving. What better time to clean out and pack. The problem was how. I struggled with this realizing alot of what was in the house was not useful to us. Either my home or hers. My son had stuff in the attic that he probably doesn't even remember. Anything recyclable we could take around the corner. We have a center there that gives these items to those in need. The problem was so much of it was just plain garbage and we still had it because we couldn't just put it out to the trash and borrowing someone's truck for a dump run would mean 40 dump runs and a lot of money. So in the end I decided the only course of action would be to rent a dumpster. The idea was a bit scary but I would spend the money any way. So here it is. My dumpster for 10 day's. I almost single handedly have filled this dumpster to the brim in this 10 day's. The money aside. I am feeling very happy with myself. Garbage gone, spot's empty. Yard cleaned up and once my daughter gets her self moved into her new to move in this tiny house!

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