Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morning Glory

Yes they are growing! This is the first we have had a good strong sun in a few day's and not alot of the flowers opened but there are lot's on the vines. I love the way it is growing up the side of the house. When they all bloom I have a great group of flowers right at the roof level!

These are growing a bit unevenly but they are filling in. I think I may have to get some twine out there because there is lot of vines that are just really heavy. I think If I tied them up to the porch rail and spread them out a bit it would encourage them to fill in across the front of the railing better.


  1. I love morning glories. I don't have any of my own but my neighbors behind me have them and they creep over my fence. SOOO pretty, well, they were until it got brutal hot out and now they are all getting crispy in the heat.

  2. Haha! Here in Upstate New York I think we have had our few weeks of brutal heat. Now I will be lucky to have a few weeks to a month of enough sun for the flowers to bloom during the day.