Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Baby in the House!

Our new 9 week old baby boy is here. I shouldn't say our's because he was my grandson's birthday gift and he and his mom will be moving into their own apartment in 10 day's. So "Tex" will only be here for 10 day's while I try not to get too attached. We have had a house full of animals for as long as I can remember. My daughter was alway's rescuing and now my granddaughter is doing it. She found this little guy on the side of a road and several of it's sibling were dead in the road obviously having been hit by cars. She brought him home without a thought and fast thinking girl that she is, she walked in the door , stuck her hands out with the kitten in them and said "Happy Birthday Josh!" What could I or Tori's mom say at that point?
Oh well, he's tiny, he's beautiful, doesn't eat much yet and won't be here long sadly, not only is he already very comfy on my couch,.......I'm already in love.

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