Monday, March 1, 2010

Thinking out loud

Happy March 1st everybody. Gives me hope that we may see spring in a few weeks. More like 6 to 8 but at least we are through February. I have alot of things going on right now and have a lot of thinking and planning to do.
First up, last week, I had to give up my part time job at the Cafe. It is truly breaking my heart but it was a choice I had to make. I was only working 2 or 3 hours a day and it truly took it's toll on my health which was pretty lousy to begin with. The fact's that I must face and deal with are that mentally I needed that job very badly. I have alway's worked and worked hard with no complaints and the time I have had to just sit home dealing with the disabilities I have was so difficult. But now I am dealing with worse physical problems just because of the few limited hours of outside work and have hurt myself .
So, I spent last week pretty angry at myself and hurt and not wanting to be home 7 day's a week again but it is now time to get past that. It is now, once again, time to put that energy and need to work into my jewelry and learn how to make my shops grow, and study everything I can put my hands on to start getting regular sales.

That both frightens and motivates me at the same time. I love being able to pull out my beads and create at any time of the day or night that I want without any other interruption.
Knowing that if I can't figure out how to grow my business means losing everything , and by everything I just mean the basics. Lights, phone, maybe having to move, just frightens me, I went through so many years of not having any answers. So I am going to block out all the negative worries for a while and just put that energy into figuring out how to make my online shops make ends meet for me. Course I haven't had tv in over 2 months already and if I don't get to see a television show soon I may blow the house up any way. Kidding!

Then I have to make a decision about my Avon business. I love selling Avon. Selling Avon costs me money. I only have a few customers. By the time I pay for my books each campaign, samples of new products, pay for my website if no one orders off it that month. Yeah, it costs me more than I collect in payments. So I am trying to tell myself that this is rather counterproductive to what I am trying to accomplish. Yet, I am so hesitant to give it up just because I enjoy it and someday I may see the fruits of my labor. More deep thinking.
Any way these are just a few things that I am dealing with and have gotten in the way of the new work. I have several new peices started , just not moving too quickly while my head is full of this other stuff.

Sometimes it is just so difficult to make the right decisions, even when you know the right answers , just because you are somehow emotionally connected to what ever it is and don't want to feel lousy for making the right choice.

Will give you an update soon and maybe show you something finished for one of my shops!

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to give up that job. It really sounded like you liked it a lot. I sincerely hope for you that being able to focus all of your energy on your jewelry will get you to a place where you can make a steady income from it. Selling Avon is hard! Honestly, I don't know too many people who make lucrative business from it. Not enough to support themselves anyway. Good luck! I have faith you will find the right path for yourself :)