Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My 2nd one done with improvements

Greetings to you, I have had so much going on, by the time I think to stop in here and post it's either the wee hours of the morning or I have to run an errand. I just finished the second "Flag Bag". The first one that I made for Amy made it to Iraq this past week and is gracing her wall. My sister Donna chimed in she needed some. That makes me a little worried, that means my sister is going to take orders from her friends. Donna's husband is lifetime military and they have been in the United Arabic Emerit since 2008, hard to picture my sister living in the land of sand and camels after growing up in NorthEast , NY. I have been sending her care packages of beading supplies, she is also very crafty and the funny thing is, where she is living there are huge amounts of goods being sold that are beaded, wall hangings to scarves. Yet....she can't buy beading supplies! Any way this is her bag, made some changes so it is better than the first, but still have some more changes for the next one. In the mean time this one is on the way to Dubai this week.
Other than that I have been putting belongings that I need to clean out up on Ebay all week. I do need to make one of these bags for my Etsy shop , and I just this past week agreed to make 10 mini amulet bags for consignment for a shop in another state. I am a bit hesitant but I will try it and see how it works. The lady owns a shop that sells jewelry made by her and a few others and she thinks my bags will go very well. We shall see. Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful, sunny day like I am here, I should be out playing in it rather than sitting in this studio.

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  1. that flag bag looks like it would take forever!

    i'm in northern new york too btw, buffalo =)