Thursday, March 11, 2010

I had to laugh so I'm sharing

I have been on a mission today. I have spent the last few day's stressing about the fact that I can't pay any of my bills then stressing about whether or not I am going to have a roof over my head soon and I got to thinking........If I lose my home what the hell do I do with all my stuff? That got me thinking even harder......I have an attic full of stuff, I have a cellar full of stuff, I have a spare bedroom full of stuff. Nothing great, just stuff we have collected, different crafts I have tried my hand at, outgrown clothes , you know exactly what I mean. Collections of life.
Then I got to thinking if I used any of this stuff, it wouldn't be stored in the attic or the cellar.
So I have spent the entire day starting to do a clean out, one box or bag at a time, either toss it, donate it or put it up on ebay. My old craft supplies especially on ebay. During this process I came across this purse pin. When I first started playing with polymer clay I made a bunch of these, the face basically all the same but different hairdo's some even had leaves for hair, some had strands of beads hanging from their hair. Each one had a big brooch pin in the back plus a top to hang it from a necklace. Any way it was a really good time for me playing with these, I don't know where they all went but I found this one in a box and it gave me a really good chuckle. Back to work now.

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