Sunday, December 27, 2009

Peaceful Thoughts

I decided to take a walk downtown on Christmas night. It had been a very tough day for me with the situation that we are in right now and felt like I had let my grandkids down badly. I needed a way to think about things and taking a walk seemed right. Living in town that while small is alway's busy with lots of traffic and people walking the streets and ton's of businesses clustered in a very small area, then, on a special night when the businesses are closed and the people are at home and the cars are in the, kind of like stepping into a different world. so completely calm and quiet, with all the Holiday lights glowing was just the most pleasant and peaceful feeling. By the time I went home I realized that I was okay with things, my family was okay and no matter what we did not have, we have soooo much. We are blessed if for nothing else than to be a part of a close and loving family that will alway's support each other in the roughest times, at least emotionally if nothing else is possible. I realized that I can be very much at peace with myself as long as I concentrate on the blessings in my life!

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