Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gone to long

I just realized how many day's it's been since I posted something. I have to be honest, I have been going through a really emotional downer since they turned my cable off last month. Even though I got some help getting it turned back on I don't like the way I have been feeling. I am just so tired out, don't know what to do to improve my attitude and that's just not like me. I am alway's the one saying we need to be optimistic and better things are coming and keep moving and ........lately I keep thinking I have walked in the same circle for the last 30 years and it just never ends.
I must tell you I am truly disappointed in my Etsy shop. I worked so hard, took advantage of every possible thing, marketed in every way I could think of, posted to the point where what it is costing to list items is a joke and nothing. Foolish me, thinking I could get enough sales for some kind of holiday if I just worked hard enough at it. And this is not like me to feel so bad about lack of sales. I am the one that alway's say's no worries, some day the right buyers will find me and we will just keep going. I think alot of the negative stuff going on with sellers canceling sales and buyers not paying and the stuff that is constantly being kicked up in the forums full of whining and complaints are just really having a negative effect on the community. I truly wonder if it can be healed. I think I need to spend some time in thought on this one.

When I am feeling really down I stop working and play. I am a recycler. I use soup cans, mayonaisse jars, coffee cans, anything, trying to think up a use for it rather than just through it away. One of the things I like to do, don't ask me why cause I don't know, I have this odd fascination for trying to find way's to turn all this stuff into change banks. While I have been dealing with my bad attitude this week I have been creating the picture at top. A coin bank out of an empty cardboard ice tea can, I had these old plastic gemstones that I took off a shirt because after a few laundry cycles they got really beat up looking. Beaded around each one then glued it onto this can. Now I am trying to bead around all the glued on peices until I have beaded the entire can. Probably take me a year, silly, but it is what I do when I have no energy to work on real stuff. I hope your time before the Holiday is going much better than mine I truly wish a blessed time for everyone and I hope to pull myself out of this soon.


  1. Hey, Debbie....Cheer up, you will get back to feeling "sparkly" again soon! I wore my beautiful amulet bag from you yestday and today, and JUST LOVE it. It always makes be feel good when I wear it.

    Thinking of you and hope you have better days ahead!


  2. Aww Debbie, I totally understand where you're coming from. I can be prone to 'downers' too and it's not that easy to snap out of it, no matter how 'up' you normally are. The coin bank looks fantastic. You are fantastic, and don't you forget it. xx

  3. I'm so sorry you've been feeling down. I was feeling a little blue about my store's sales...then I decided to take a new direction...and I'm closing up my old stores and opening a new one. I'm making all new things and I feel more excited about it...sales or not.

    I totally abandoned the Forums a couple of months back. It was a time suck...and a downer...and I took some advice someone from Etsy gave a long time ago...concentrate on creating and forget the Forums! Honestly, I've found more positive souls through reading blogs than being on the Forum. I've made some awesome Etsy friends.

    I LOVE what you did with that can. I hope it helped cheer you up just a little.

  4. Thank you ladies for the kind words, Donna you are a very special person and I thank you for being my friend.
    Aly your right about the ability to make good friends through Etsy, that has been one of the things that has kept me there.
    Artisan it does make me feel better that I am not the only one that goes through this, thank's for acknowledging that you know.