Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On a vacation?

As of today I have not had a day of work at the Cafe in a week and a half. Not my choice. One of the things we are noted for besides being a tourist town because of the summer horse racing, we are home to Skidmore College. Well 95% of the Cafe's business is Skidmore students and they have all gone home for Christmas break. So no students in town= no business and no work for Debbie. Well I am scheduled to start back next Sunday, and in the mean time I am trying to accomplish some things. Now that Christmas is done I am going to do some house cleaning. I have my son probably moving back in and my daughter possibly moving out so lots of rearranging to do. Also going to try to stay focused on my shops. Working on my daily sale, staying active on the computer. I have been working on some new items , just finished this one above.
I am also working on an idea. My felt and sequin ornaments which I make for my Etsy shop. My granddaughter gets a portion of the profit on each one to donate to Esterville Animal shelter.
I must say this year I sold only a few so , so far we haven't come up with enough to send the shelter, we want to at least send $10.00 at a time. I am considering a way to offer a sample sale here on my blog but need to work on the details a bit. I will let you know more on this at another time. My house is quite, I am the only one home except for the whining dogs!
When my daughter leaves the house , her dog Bailey wails, I mean he Wails, until she comes home. If I go spend some time with him to calm him down, my dog Alex cries and yips because I have left him. With Bailey and Alex whining the big lady, Morgan gets upset and starts to bark at everyone else. So there is no such thing as silence in my house even when I am the only human here:) Have a good night every body.


  1. I hope you find a way to market your ornaments for the fund raising effort.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I hope you accomplish all you want to while you're not working.