Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First snow

Last night I took the picture of my house with the start of Christmas lighting and it was cold, completely quiet and dry! By the time I woke up this morning, this has happened. My only regret is that since it's my day off I slept in and by time I got up the plows had already been through a few times. As a rule I dislike snow and cold. I should not be living in the north country. truly does help with the Christmas Spirit. Christmas and snow go together. I truly can enjoy looking at the snow if I don't have to leave the house but I have to walk to the market for dish soap and ingrediants for dinner. I make a point of putting a good dinner on the table for the grandkids when I am home from work because cooking is one more thing that is difficult for Heather right now so they eat alot of easy microwaved meals. Although I am lacking the energy today to put too much work into dinner, last night I made a great mac and cheese casserole, tonight....tonight I want a plain old Hamburger. With fried onions and A1 sauce!
Have a great day everyone..... I gotta go find some boots:)


  1. Wow, need a little snow? I wish we'd gotten some that amounted to anything...but we didn't :(

  2. Nice photo. I love snow but we rarely see it here. Its 24 and no snow in site. Burgers are great anytime. Add some mushrooms or bell peppers with those onions Yum.