Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Un motivated today

I am sitting at the library computer.  I came to post this new amulet bag in my Etsy shop then get down to my school work for the day.  Trying, trying, got the amulet bag posted.  Went into class and posted an assignment I have due today and then went to post in our daily discussions and completely lost my good intentions.  I am tired, I am feeling just a bit lazy and yup, I am very un motivated.  I just want to lock myself in my studio and make something.  Maybe take a nap with my chihuahua.  Maybe because I am in the middle of my last week of the 2 classes I am in, I am so close to the end, but I just am not in the mood to apply myself to my work today.  I will have to get over it, I need everything done by Friday afternoon so I can head for my son's for the weekend.  New classes start on Monday..........Yes, I think a nap with my chihuahua is in order.  After that I may feel like getting things done.

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