Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy busy busy

I sometimes wonder how I get so busy.  Since my newest grand daughters birth I have gone at least 2 day's a week to be with her, babysit while my son and wife get their groceries and baby supplies and give them just a few hours break away from the baby. 
I started online college courses last March.  I made the decision for a number of reasons, first I will not ever stop dreaming that the day will come that I am healthy and can work again and at my age it would really be nice to be working at something that gave me a living wage so I can forsee the day coming where I don't struggle over life's basic needs.  Second of all I need to keep my mind busy, my brain exercising.  I do know certain area's of my brain don't work as well as they should since my 2004 surgery.  If I am not doing something that makes me use the brain, reading, writing, retaining information, my problem will get worse so I just may be a college student for the rest of my days. 
What I did not realize was how intense the work was going to get!  I am spending alot of time just doing schoolwork every day.  Good for my brain but not my beading fingers.  I spend less and less time each day beading.  I have to find a way to schedule in a certain amount of beading time each week so I have a continuous flow of new work for the shop. 
That being said, I did get a small, 5"x7" beaded picture done and listed this week but I fought with my camera for three day's trying to get a nice enough picture.  That failed.  I took it in every area of the house, inside and out, used my flash, turned my flash off,   nothing helped.  The picture has gorgeous shades of blue that just will not properly show in the picture so eventually I just gave up trying and picked out the best of the bunch.   Heading for my next project now....probably some homework!

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