Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saratoga Artfest

Today was our Town's Artfest. All over town, artists working, singer's singing, musicians playing. All week long it's been hot, the sun has been as bright as could be. This morning I woke up to rain. And more rain. I was set up in front of the store I work in , Soave Faire. The point was to bring attention to our full art department, a lot of people are unaware how extensive our art supply is and many don't know we carry some nice jewelry making supplies. So rain or no rain I set up my little card table, put lot's of samples of the different types of beading I do and spent a few hours beading and chatting with the few people who wandered by between the rain drops. The weather was a downer and truly cut down on the amount of foot traffic we should have seen but I enjoyed myself any way. I find the older I get the easier it is to talk to people and I love any opportunity to show off my beading skills!

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