Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Loving my work

I'm feeling productive tonight, even though I worked today I managed to list a new wish bag in my Etsy shop tonight, and have spent the evening working on my newest beaded painting. This one is progressing really, really slowly but I am okay with that because I am loving the way it's coming out. As I sit here stitching my beads into place I am imagining what I want to add to the purple background to soften it up a bit. I used purple because of the colors that will be in all the flowers by the time I'm done but I am thinking if I do some dry brushing with white paint, very softly, it's going to subdue it to just the right shade. I have so many pictures in my head that I want to do these beaded painting's of, I will never find the time to get at half of them so I'll keep stitching.

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