Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help is no Help at all

I have grumbled several times over the last month because something isn't right with blogspot. Now, when I sign in I can go to my dashboard, I can read other peoples post and now comment on them. Then I go to view my blog. It say's at the top I need to sign in. ?? I am signed in, that's how I got here. I see people have commented on my post but I cannot respond to the comment. If I try it asks me what account I want to sign in with. If I click google account and sign in again....it brings me back to my dashboard. over and over.
Well I got tired of trying to find a solution and went to the help section. A number of people are having these problems and the few who commented with suggestions and possible solutions did not work for me. So I guess at this time there is no fix.

I feel really bad, if you have left a comment on my post, I did take the time to read it. I did try to respond but its just not working..........

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