Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching my breath

The day's are just flying by, I feel like I have been crazy busy ad I don't really know why!
So first off, let me ask...anyone having any success with Christmas in July? I sure haven't. I have put almost all my items at about 1/2 price. I have renewed something at least twice a day.......nothinggggggg! Oh well it was worth a shot. Hope someone out there has had better luck.
This brings me to something else. July 18th was my one year anniversary on Zibbet. Have never had a sale in that shop. I will admit I don't put anywhere near the same amount of work into it but is it worth hanging on or just stay concentrated on my Etsy shop?
I am truly thinking I will be wiser to close it and just chanel that time and work into Etsy. Course there is so much controversial stuff going on in the Etsy forums that has me a bit concerned but I don't get involved in that so maybe it's best to ignore and continue to cultivate my little corner ;o)
Well I have some really good new's to share, I have talked to you about my cousin Amy. Her time in Iraq has ended for now and she returned to American soil 2 day's ago. This of course is truly wonderful for my family.
The downfall being, she was to be there 12 months and they for whatever reason finished early so the possibility that she could yet be attached to another unit and go back to Iraq for a third
tour is very possible. We can only wait and see.
My sister got home yesterday for a visit yesterday. She and her husband live in Dubai, UAE, or as she calls it "the land of sand" Can't wait to see her, she's only here for a week and it will still be a few years before she can move home.
Just about the time she leaves, my brother who lives in California will be home for the yearly visit. Hmmmmm I guess I do have a few reason's to be busy right now, so I am going to leave you with this "Happy,happy weekend everyone!

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