Friday, July 7, 2017

Practicing on you !

Hi, hope everyone celebrated a fun 4th of July holiday.  Mine was very quiet, I never realized how much illness changed the way a person lived.  I guess you can't unless you go through it.  Any way, I am trying something new, something very out side of my comfort zone.  I am pretty good about sharing the every day stuff that goes on in my life but I am not good about writing things that educate or entertain or very subject specific.  But I am working on the new Facebook page that I started and I think it is important that I share information about product and share some fun facts.  I believe in my last post I shared with you that I started a page just to showcase my jewelry and my Avon business. 
Today I decided to showcase Nail polish.  I love nail polish.  I think it is one of my most important beauty products.  We all like to play with color.  Many people use their tattoos to showcase color and design.  That is a life time choice.  I always wanted a rose tattooed on my chest but just never could work up the nerve.  Some people experiment with hair color.  My granddaughter is one of those girls who has different colored streaks in her hair that change with her mood sometimes purple, some times blond, sometimes bright red.  She wanted to put some blue and pink in my hair, I loved the idea but once again, could not work up the nerve.  I am after all 61 years old and I am definitely not as bold or as self confident as I was at 30.

But nail polish, oh my nail polish lets us play with every color of the rainbow and we can change that rainbow as often as we wish.  It is not a permanent commitment.  Today I decided to do my nails with Avon Nailwear pro in Lagoon.  Love this color !!!  When playing with bolder colors it is important to always start with a clear base coat.  This prepares your nail for a bolder color that will not stain your actual nails. It also helps smooth the nail and allow the polish to glide on more smoothly. 
I like to use 2 full coats of polish so that I get good solid coverage letting each coat dry.  If you want your manicure to hold through our every day chores like dishwashing (I wash a lot of dishes) and laundry and scrubbing use a good top coat.  2 coats is better than 1.  I can often get 10 days before having to redo my nails following this routine.

Okay, how did I do?  LOL! Boy do I have a lot to learn when it comes to the written word.  I think my only saving grace will be the fact that I have been an Avon Lady for 35 years. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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