Saturday, July 1, 2017

And Summer arrives

OOPS I think my butterfly is confused....or drunk.  It wasn't sideways in my pictures but this seems to happen to me often!  Any way this is my first summer Butterfly necklace finished.  I have had a great deal of stuff going on,  just everyday life, yet it seems that I am always on the go. 

Actually I have been struggling with some things and spend a great deal of time thinking, something I have always done, I think and I think, I tell myself sooner or later something is going to give and one of my thoughts will turn into something that is worth action to save myself. 
Seems like since I got sick again last year each month has cost me more and more just trying to keep up with daily living expenses and medical supplies.  I feel like I am floundering like a tiny fish trying to go upstream and the current is stronger than I am.  Yet, I am never willing to give up trying and come up with more thoughts of new things to try.  And then accommodate changes.  Let's start with all the nonsense on Etsy.  I actually thought I might be done dealing with the non stop changes by now as my brother is going to add a shopping cart and few things to my website so I can just use my site but he is still overloaded with work.  So  now I refuse to post my new additions to my Etsy shop using the Etsy link on my social media.  Everything I post, I will direct to my website and then click on the link to my Etsy shop.  If I did this right I don't have to worry about my new listings being covered with items from other shops that "you might like".  Does that sound horrible?  Can't help it, I struggle so hard to be seen and there is just way too much nonsense going on.

I have sold Avon on and off for 35 years and I have never ever had such a hard time getting customers.  Especially in our online store (my grand daughter and I do Avon together)  In this day and age where everyone is shopping on line I can't seem to get a visit to the E store. Will never figure that one out but today I decided to try something new.  I created a Facebook page strictly for my Avon and my Handmade jewelry.  I have a few ideas on doing online Avon parties, just have to develop some details.  I can show my beadwork before I post it on Etsy or Ebay and if someone wishes to purchase they can do so through that post.  I just started this process today so it is going to take some more thinking and planning to entice people but anything is something and it is a start. 
If you Facebook, would you come join us?  Just type into the search bar :

I still have my grand daughter and great grand living with me.  The boyfriend moved out last month, I guess being an adult was more than he was ready to handle.  So yeah my house is as crazy now as it was 38 years ago when I had my first child....I really thought at this point in my life I would be living a bit quieter but LOL, it has not happened yet and really have to wonder if I could really adjust to being alone after always having kids underfoot !  That said my great grand is growing like crazy, at almost 19 months now she is hysterically funny and getting into all kinds of trouble, most expecially in the early morning hours when she breaks into GG;s room while GG is still sleeping.  But there is so much to get into !  Beads and paint and brushes, and colored pencils, and canvas,  not to mention the dogs food and water bowl. 
So life has been moving forward day by day and I am so happy summer is here.  Or at least I will be when these nonstop horrible rain storms decide to go away. Hope everyone has a great July!

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