Thursday, July 20, 2017

Babysitting at my age

I'm so tired I can't sleep so decided to play on the computer instead.  My oldest grand daughter went back to work last Friday.  She has not worked in almost 2 years because she was a high risk pregnancy.  My daughter and I decided to tag team babysitting my great grand daughter so that her mom could get back into the swing of working and not worrying about how the baby was being taken care of.  Well 4 day's in my daughter had a bad flare up ( if you have been following my blog you know she has Chronic Lyme Disease).  These flare ups are completely debilitating and she can barely lift herself out of bed to use the bathroom.  So I am coming off my 2nd day of 10 hour baby duty shift and let me tell you....I am way to old for this ****!  This 19 month old child is just full of it and has me running non stop.  I cannot sit down, cannot get a meal, cannot use my computer and forget about the idea of getting any beadwork done!  She is hysterically funny and as full of mischief as any toddler I have ever met.  She is in love with Sesame Street, we have utube streaming episodes all day long.  She sings and dances to the music and I find it so funny, she cannot say mom or dad yet but she can sing "Elmo's World" as clear as a bell.  I took her out to play for a while tonight once the sun went down a bit, not dark yet but no glaring sun right on us.  She danced for all the neighbors until she had them dancing with her.  This was a site, 3 grown women and a grown man stomping there feet to Elmo's World. 
I have my 4 year old grand daughter overnight at least once a week but she is outgrowing this stage and calming down a lot.  If I hand her a tablet she will spend hours watching video's of toy reviews.  Of all things  Toy Reviews !  or if I let her she likes to "text" people on my Facebook page.  her mom and dad, her Aunt Heather.  When they get random private messages just full of random alphabets , they know Amelia is texting and send her a sticker.  This just makes her day.

I guess the bottom line is that I am so very blessed and so thoroughly grateful that I have recovered from illnesses to still be able to enjoy these babies.  I might not be able to keep up but I am still able to pitch in and play and enjoy every moment of silliness and giggles and even a few temper tantrums. 

And last but not least I am having a ball with my new FaceBook page showcasing my Avon and my Beadweaving.  Please if you are on Face book, join us!!!
I hope to start doing some giveaways soon, and I am learning bit by bit to come up with some fun content but I need more people.  We had our first online party and I only had 3 people actually participating.  But that is okay as I go along and learn more about how to get people involved I think it will become even more fun.  We all need fun right? 

Have a great evening!

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