Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CLay, clay and more clay

I decided since I needed to make some clay cabachon's that I might better make a day of it and stock up.
I seriously need to get out and stock up on my Sculpy but had so many little balls of leftover pieces since last time I worked, I decided to use them all up before they start getting dry and hard to work.  So I spent my Monday making cabs and flowers.  All Day!!!!   I baked them Monday night and spent many hours on Tuesday sanding them.  I really, really need some new tissue blades.  I know they alway's need some sanding but it's worse when my blades start to dull, edges are bit more raggy than they need to be.  Any way they are done and I think instead of glazing the whole batch at one time, I will just glaze the items I pick to use in a project one at a time.  A productive few days, not exciting but a good feeling for me after the months of not getting much of anything accomplished.

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