Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Butterfly Bling

Since I unpacked all my studio supplies and got myself set up to work again, I find myself dealing with what I call beadwork burnout.  It happens sometimes, I just get tired of making the same things that I normally just love making.  I have discovered when this happens it is time to just play.  After spending 3 day's last week that is exactly what I did,  I had this canvas all prepped because you know I have to make a butterfly at least once a month but I also want to find some different way's to use my cabs.  So that was my starting point.  I have a handful of leftover freshwater pearls in odd colors that I really don't have anything I can use them in so I stitched them here and there just to use them up. The same goes for the tiny white faux pearls.  I have a big handful of them, really don't want to use them in my jewelry, they are not real.  So I stitched and stitched until I had filled in the butterfly.  When I was done, I liked it but it still did not seem to be enough, it just needed a little more something to make it pop.  So I glued some purple flatback rhinestones in the really open areas.  That did it.  A bit gaudy, a lot eyecatching, a whole bunch of fun just to help me pass through beadwork burnout and start creating again.

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