Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday catch up

I just looooove this amulet necklace. Love the color's love the branch fringing , heheh love the fact that I made it and listed in my Etsy shop Today!

This week has gone by very , very quickly. The weather has been awesome. A few day's of gloomy rain but for the most part that gorgeous sunshine was out there. 2 day's midweek it was actually warm enough to sit out side and I literally spent 2 full day's sitting on the front porch, doing my beading and watching the world go by. I love it, my time of year. outside , still accomplishing my work, staying away from the computer until almost bedtime. Heaven. That made me feel very good, now I look forward to feeling better because sitting on my porch working is what I will do until next September when the warm day's start to fade away.

Lot's of drama and tears going on in my house, daughter and her boyfriend having some serious issues, I am ignoring all of it. I actually have gotten alot of work done, put up several listing's in my Etsy and Zibbett shops and did some listing's for my daughter in her Etsy shop. We haven't really had time to sit down together so I can teach her how to run her shop as in the posting and listing, etc.
Any way, I have a maybe an hour before we lose the sunshine so I am going to take a very slow walk, Just wanted to see if your all having a great weekend. I truly hope so!

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