Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Mine was rather quiet. It was good though, we had a nice dinner, My son and his girlfriend were with us and my daughters boyfriend. I missed coloring Easter Eggs. Alway's a big tradition, my grandson was with his father and my granddaughter was with a friend on a week end sleep over so, we passed this year. I did not realize how just not right it would feel to me to not have everybody making a huge mess in my kitchen!
I have gotten caught up on some work, I love working with pastel seedbeads so I am definately feeling like "spring" is here and using the colors. I listed these today, one on Ebay, one on Zibbett and one on Etsy.

I realized today, you have probably noticed at the very bottom of this page is a paypal badge and blogger special note but I never explained it to you. Here it is. You know I make sequined ornaments and have taught my daughter to make them. She recently opened an Etsy shop and now has taken over making the ornaments and we pulled them out of my shop.
An anytime offer for my blog readers: If you would like a sample of her ornaments you can purchase for a special price of $1.50. That just covers the padded envelope and first class postage. You won't get a choice, what ever we have enough of done we will pick one. Any way just make a paypal payment to me at :
In the message to seller area write blogger special. We will send you out an ornament. That simple, a way for me to say thank you for reading my blog. Every once in a while I will put up a reminder notice but this will always be here.

Time for bed, have a wonderful week.

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  1. What cool idea! A great way to get a great deal, plus some exposure for your daughter :)

    Glad you had a nice, quiet Easter!