Monday, April 26, 2010

A New Project

I love beaded embroidery. I seldom do much with it because it is very time consuming and uses ton's of beads. I was curious though, never really did enough to know how long a peice would take, exactly how much materials it would take, would there be any real interest in finished peices. So I am conducting a study. When finished this will be an Amulet necklace, about 2" wide by 3" tall. It will have to be fully lined so the stitching is all hidden, I am recording the amounts of seedbeads and the amount of work hours, start to finish. Then I will figure out what something of this nature would retail for. This summer, I might, be selling my work as a sidewalk vender and it will be fun to have some peices like this just to gauge peoples reaction. Not only to the work but to the price. LOL. I will show you a picture from time to time as this progresses.

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