Saturday, February 27, 2016

Looking up

The start of my newest bead embroidered painting.  Not sure why but I seem to lean toward doing a painting more than a Amulet bag right now, maybe I am just a bit burnt out and not feeling so good I seem to be lacking the energy to even pick out the beads for a bag.  The good news is the sun is out today!  Still very cold but the wind has dried up a lot of water so we don't have ice covered roads and the snow is down to just an icy coating in the yard.  I am praying for spring because I have thing's to do and need to be able to be outdoors in the sheds a bit so I hope this sunshine is not just another tease before our next snow storm. 

Things have been quiet, the new baby is doing wonderful.  Sadly I am not feeling much better than I was 2 months ago.  But I am working hard on learning how to eat a diabetic diet, really not that hard for me for the most part because I am happy eating a bowl of vegetables.  What I do have a hard time with is not having something more satisfying that I can crunch on late at night,  I always feel just a tiny bit hungry because that big bowl of veggies just did not stick around long.  And boy or boy do I miss my ice cream.  Ice cream has always been my big downfall and I do know I can get frozen yogurt or reduced fat ice cream but getting to the store is not easy so I sit weeks at a time with an ever growing grocery list waiting for someone to find time to take me shopping.  The good news is I have lost 5 pounds.  Took me almost a month but it is happening ounce by ounce!

I am spending some time brainstorming.  I just did a month long experiment (again) putting my bags up for auction on Ebay.  I sold one bag for the starting bid price!  One bag.....Less money than it cost me in supplies.  Each time I do this I say I will not go back yet after a few months I am drawn to trying again.  It is really time to face the fact that my day's of selling decently on Ebay are done. 
Etsy?  Again,  extreme disappointment and time to make changes.  I am playing with the idea of doing a few trunk shows in town this summer.  I worry about that because you never know when my health is going to throw me a curve ball but still, I am just not ready to sit in my chair and give up.  Sooner or later I will come up with some answers.

Okay folks, everyone have a great weekend and pray for spring!

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