Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Day

Good morning and Happy February 1st!  I have had a busy few day's and we are still in the middle of it.  Last week I went to the doctor because I have just not been feeling well since I came down with my usual Christmas flu.  Nothing very specific just a general all over feeling of exhaustion and lethargy.  Lots of muscle aches and even though I was too tired to do anything I am not sleeping well.
I know and the doctor agrees a great deal of my problems are neurological dealing with nerve damage and the tumor floating around in my head.  But just to be on the safe side he decided to do a bunch of labs every thing from a normal cbc to thyroid and glucose specifics.  On Friday morning I had to return to the lab for fasting tests because I have diabetes.  Not earth shaking news because it runs heavily in both sides of my family and I have been very careful about yearly testing and darn I have been lucky right up to this point.  That said, yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 60 years old and I am so very okay with that.  I have earned every grey hair and every last ache and pain.  But the good thing here is changing my diet because of the diabetes means I will start feeling better in a lot of way's soon.  Getting rid of the bad food will help me take off this very stubborn extra weight.  Getting out to walk as soon as our weather breaks will help my muscles feel better,  I have been having a great time joking with my grand daughter.  She has a lot of baby weight to lose and I keep telling her getting out and walking together will make us both slim and sexy again LOL. 

This morning my daughter is having exploratory surgery, well did have, just was recently messaged that she did fine in surgery and is in recovery.  It will never cease to amaze me how one misdiagnosed illness can cause so many other illnesses and raise total havoc in someone's body.  But the fact is Chronic Lyme has caused my daughter a whole laundry list of illnesses and it grows longer every day.  I fear what news we will get from todays exploration.  What is worse if feeling like your hands are always tied when it comes to way's to help someone who is facing so much.  But I cannot allow my thoughts to get out of control and have to just sit and wait for news. 

In the meantime it seems like winter always makes me want to pull out crystal clear seed beads and drops and make things that remind of icicles so here we are with this weeks work.

I hope your February is mild, I won't say speedy because it just seems like our months and weeks already go by too fast!

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