Friday, June 5, 2015

Can you share?


I have been given a large box of nursing scrubs.  Assorted colors, brands, sizes.  I do not know any one who can use them and we are still trying to raise money for my daughters move.  So I am posting them one at a time on Ebay in hopes of finding them homes to fund my daughters home ;o)

My problem is finding ways to share the information and I thought maybe, just maybe some of my blog readers would know someone who is in need of some new scrubs and would share my link with those people.  Is this you?  If so please, please help me out here so I can get this big box out of my room.  Rather than trying to link to Ebay each new set I put up I am sending people to my website.  My website has links to my Etsy and my Ebay shop and just makes life a bit easier.

If you have someone you can share the link with just send them to my website and tell them just to click my Ebay link and that will bring them right to the scrubs listings.  Thank you so much!

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