Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Coming from a family with so much military involvement I could not post without asking you to remember what this holiday is really about.  That said, for many of us this our official start to summer and I truly hope it's a wonderful long weekend for everyone.  Things have not changed much for me, dad is still hanging on so of course our weekend will be a quiet one, just us and the tv.  He is much too weak to go anywhere even thought we have had invitations.  On mother's day we made the trip to the cemetery and it was very evident he is no longer capable of leaving the house.  So it will be one more quiet day in a long line of many.  That is okay, I will get through it, and once dad is on to the next part of his journey I will definitely take a little me time before I decide what path my life will go in next. 
I have been working on more of the little, inexpensive beaded items for our upcoming Lawn Sale,  it will be the final push to gather the money to move my family because we def. want them moved by July 1.  That will be such a load off my mind.  Knowing my family is in a safe place will make a big difference in how I feel every single day. 
I just realized this morning of all the things I am really tired of with our daily routine is cooking.  I admit it...I hate to cook.   I am okay at it, never poisoned any one but it is just not something I enjoy and trying to create decent meals for dad everynight with this endless list of things he cannot or will not eat is really getting on my nerves.  Especially when all I want is a great big old salad full of fresh veggies.  Heaven forbid I try to give him something like that!  And I cannot afford to buy two different kinds of groceries to feed him one way and myself another so yes,  I am hating cooking!!
So there is today's confession, now go have a great cookout somewhere!

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