Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ideas in motion

Technology is definitely not on my side right now.  Blogger will still not allow me to post my pictures!  I have spent the last three days fighting to get into the forums so I can touch base with my team and I have no way of entering the forums on Etsy.  No button to click, no link, nothing.  The only thing across the top of the page is different categories of things to buy.  I give up!!!

Any way, After my last post I decided to start doing some really serious thinking about my idea of just teaching classes.  I did not have one single person out of thousands who saw my link react to my -gofundme- post so I closed that down and moved on.  Then the perfect idea came along.  The apartment building I am living in has a small apartment right in front of mine coming up empty soon.  My family is going nuts not having enough room so we need to do something anyway.  It would be the perfect solution because I could "move" myself in using just the bedroom for my belongings (which would free up space for the rest of the family) and use the rest of the apartment as a working studio.  I have already approached my landlord about it and he is all for it.  Strangely enough even though there are residences here it is commercially zoned so there is no problem there.  Now I have several months to plan, organize, create class schedules and start advertising (not to mention come up with the money for my first month rent)
I have a really confident feeling, my area only had one real bead store.  She was full every day of the week with people wishing to sit at the table and learn basic beading skills.  When she retired she left the people with no where to go so I have a really good opportunity here.  Once again I have bounced from being miserable and ready to give up to being really excited with more new ideas going through my head.  I can't even express how excited I am...I have sooo much to do and I am starting now.

Now if someone could tell me why blogger won't let my pics appear I will be a happy camper tonight!

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